Obi Cubana Networth, Biography, Family, Houses

Obi Cubana Networth, Biography, Family, Houses

Obinna Iyiegbu born on April 12, 1975 is one of the most popular businessmen in Nigeria. Also known as Obi Cubana, this business mogul has established himself as an entrepreneur, influencer, entertainer, philanthropist and pace-setter.

After the grand burial of his mother who died in November 2020, he was able to put his village Oba, on the map.

The burial was a grand one which lasted for days and millions of nairas were lavished in the burial, shocking the whole world as to how rich people from Nigeria could be. Since then, he has been on the lips of almost every citizen in Nigeria, becoming an overnight celebrity.


Obi Cubana Biography


Full Name: Obinna “Obi” Iyiebu

Birthplace: Idemili South, Anambra

Birthdate: 12th April, 1975

Nationality: Nigeria

Age: 47

Occupation: Serial entrepreneur, Chairman and CEO Cubana Group.

Net worth: 96 million USD dollars


Obi Cubana Early Life


Obi Cubana was born on 12 April 1975 to Late Sir. Alex Iyiebu and Late Mrs. Uchie Iyiebu. His father was an affluent businessman and his mother was a school teacher.

Cubana attend the Central Primary School in Anambra State, before proceeding to Dennis Memorial Grammar School located in Onitsha for his secondary school education.

In 1988, he read Political Science in the prestigious University of Nigeria, where he did his NYSC and finally graduated.


Obi Cubana Business Career


After his service in NYSC, Obi Cubana tried to get a job after multiple jobs search in various companies all to no avail.

He had almost lost hope in the midst of unemployment, when he got a job as a real estate land and properties salesman.

In 2006, Obi Cubana started his first business, which was a club known as Ibiza Club. In no time his hard work and patience paid off as his business became successful, enabling him to branch out in various sectors, making him a successful serial entrepreneur.

He is currently the CEO of Cubana Group, a Nigerian conglomerate that runs several businesses, like hotels, hospitality clubs, night clubs, real estate investments and liquor brands.

Under the conglomerate are the following businesses;

Rolex Hotels in Lagos

Pablo Cubana in Lagos

Grand Cubana Night Clubs in Lagos

Crave Cubana Hotels in Abuja

Opium Cubana Club in Owerri

Grand Cubana Hotels in Abuja

Cubana Leisure Outfits


Obi Cubana Family


The business mogul Obi Cubana is married to Mrs. Ebele Iyiebu, who is a lawyer by profession and also an entrepreneur. She is the CEO of the Kiek Foundation.

The couple have been blessed with four children.

How Obi Cubana Made His First Million Naira

In an interview, Obi Cubana revealed he made his first million naira in a house furnishing contract. He was to make about N600k from the project, but after doing a great Job, the client tipped him an extra N500k, making him a millionare instantly.


Obi Cubana Philanthropic Efforts


Aside from amassing great wealth, Obi Cubana has also been known to help people around him. Most of his supposed boys, who had worked under him and came to lavish millions of naira in his mother’s burial were guys he had helped in the past.

Chief Priest, the hype man of Cubana Group, was one is the beneficiaries of Cubana’s generosity. He used to be a shoe maker in Anambra before he met Cubana who employed him and –due to his hard work and loyalty – promoted him to be the General Manager of all his portfolio in Owerri.


Obi Cubana Networth


Being a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Cubana Group, Obi Cubana has amassed great wealth. According to forbesroom, he is worth 96 million USD dollars.

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